Al Sale is one of Saudi Arabia’s prominent Weighing Systems producers and Scrap Processing / Recycling Companies which has also developed significant presence in the Middle East Market. Founded in 1976, and Started supplying Scrap Steel to Saudi Iron and Steel Company (HADEED) in 1984. Later in 1996, It became truly International after its first Weighbridge Export Order to Bahrain and now Al Sale is proud of having its weighing systems installation in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE as well. Since then, we have maintained our foot prints on the Market as the Leading Manufacturer of Weighing Machines and Scrap Processor / Recycling Company and opened our Branches in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, Hafral Batin, Qassim, and Madina Munawara. We have brought from the widest flat products to a whole range of long products in Weighing Scale Systems that caters to varied needs in the whole Middle East Industrial Zones. The Company has achieved this steady growth in Capital and Manpower in its field of its activities due to its commitment to maintain its reputation through quality and after sales services. As the largest scrap metal processor and leading Weighing Machine Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, our simple philosophy of outstanding services, customer care, quality workforce, and sound business practices brought us on prominent position in the Market. We accept scrap metal from all sources and specialize in assisting companies and individuals with the efficient managing of both Industrial and Demolition Scrap. Al Sale dedicated to the development of Partnership and relationships with our Customers. This partnership will provide you with the highest level of service, efficient scrap metal management alternatives, and maximum revenue. Our unbridled commitment to the environment coupled with unmatched customer service gives us the leading edge in Market. An enterprising spirit and the ability to discern future trends have been the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth story in recent decades. The company has scaled new heights with the combined force of innovation, adaptation of new technologies and the collective skills of its Saudi and Multinational committed workforce.