Metal Processing Division

We operate through our Metal Processing Yards in Dhahran, Riyadh and Madina, which are fully equipped with necessary machines, such as loaders, grabs, hydraulic sheering machines, press machines and weighbridges. inner02
Ferrous scrap delivered to our yards are segregated as per international standards and supplied to Saudi Iron and Steel Company (Hadeed). We supply special specification ferrous scrap also to companies, such as National Foundries and Saudi Arabian Ductile Iron Pipe Company
This process involves strict quality control standards to achieve the requirements of our customers.
We have recently launched a new service, where we provide containers or visit customer on regular basis with fully equipped roll-on roll-off vehicles to collect scrap steel from industries.
This service will be achieved by signing contracts with suppliers to remove scrap steel on regular basis or by purchasing the total quantity.
This following table highlights the standards of scrap metal. Photos describe the operator of scrap steel processing in our yards.