Some of our Great Women form Saudi Arab






Appointed to run Saudi Arabia’s largest scrap-metal business before the age of 40, Nadia Al Dossary is a champion of women’s rights.

She has said that “life doesn’t offer success on silver plates” for women, “they’ve got to work hard and make their own achievements.”  Al Dossary, the daughter of a wealthy Bahraini-Saudi family, started her career as an area manager for the cosmetic firm Avon, which at the time was looking to expand its operations in Saudi Arabia. Al Dossary was promoted to national manager with a few years and in 2000 she joined her husband’s scrap-metal company. Al-Dossary developed training models for laborers weighing steel and tried to ensure basic skills for everyone in the company. Following her husband’s near-fatal accident in 2003 she took over the reins of the firm.

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